Thursday, 30 September 2010

'THE DROP' - my book will be published by 'No Exit'

Hello all, I am starting this blog to coincide with the announcement that my debut novel "THE DROP" will be published by 'No Exit' in 2011.

I am pleased to say I have signed a two-book deal with Ion Mills, head of 'No Exit' and, since the press release hasn't gone out yet, you heard it here first!

Sincere thanks to my agent, Phil Patterson at Marjacq Literary Agency for believing in my story and in me. Thanks also to Isabella Floris and Luke Speed at Marjacq and to the following for their ongoing faith and support, which means a great deal,  particularly during the long and lonely process of writing a book; Adam Pope, Gareth Chennells, Andy Davis and, of course, my dear wife Alison and beautiful daughter Erin.

Below is an outline of what 'The Drop' is all about. If, like me you enjoy classic British gangster films like 'The Long Good Friday' and 'Get Carter' then you should love this………………………………………………….

                                                                'THE DROP'

"'Geordie' Cartwright has disappeared, along with Bobby Mahoney's money. I have to find him and fast, or it's going to be my face staring into the business end of a nail gun"

David Blake is no gangster, or so he likes to think. He's a white-collar criminal, working for gangster Bobby Mahoney, enjoying the good life while the money keeps on pouring in. Trouble is, a big chunk of that money has just gone missing, along with Geordie Cartwright, and Blake is getting the blame.

Has Geordie done a runner with The Drop or has he been killed by a rival gang? As Blake goes deeper into the Newcastle underworld, a seedy and violent place filled with clubs, pubs, lap-dancing bars and brothels, he slowly starts to uncover the truth; there's a rat in Bobby's crew and someone else is planning a take-over. Meanwhile the Serious and Organised Crime squad and an ambitious D.I are both closing in on Bobby. It's just a matter of time before he's finally nicked for good. Blake must uncover the truth before it's too late for them all.

If that were not enough, he has to choose between his girlfriend, the beautiful lawyer Laura and the impossible-to-resist Sarah, his bosses' gorgeous young daughter. Sarah might just to be the most dangerous person in his life right now, if her dad finds out.

In a desperate and bloody finale, Blake has to make an agonising choice then some one will pay the ultimate price in

                                                                'The Drop'.